Slidell Library to host partisan Political Event for Extremist Group that mocked Jesus Christ

Fresh off the election of library reform candidates, the Slidell library on Robert Road has decided to double down and host a left-wing event for an extremist group that mocked Jesus Christ as a drag queen. Ms. Schmidt became publicly known during the District 9 race because defeated incumbent Mike Smith was seen campaigning with … Read more

Slidell Independent: Smith’s “Political Theater” resolution fails and more

As expected, Councilman Smith’s non-binding, political resolution failed last Wednesday because both sides, and the council, recognized it was completely useless and only meant for his political benefit. Smith did lie and say he has been working on this issue for a long time and attending LBOC meetings. This is not true, as his first … Read more

Republican Parish Councilman Celebrates moving LBOC to the Far-Left

*** JUNE 13TH UPDATE *** Apparently, Councilman Fitzgerald sent two emails, and this first one had been cut off after “Good.” This doesn’t change the results of his votes for these two left-wing appointments, but for transparency, we wanted to provide you with his second email. Good morning:To whom it may concern:I am in agreement … Read more

*** CONFIRMED: Parish Council has Appointed TWO Far-Left Zealots to LBOC, Shifting Control to the Left for FIVE YEARS ***

As we reported yesterday, we have confirmed, based on his public social media posts, that new Library Board of Control appointment Bill McHugh is, in fact, a far-left ideologue who attacks Republicans and sells anti-Republican merchandise on his Facebook. This is not in dispute, as you can see here. McHugh was appointed by a 12-2 … Read more

*** Parish Council Appoints LBOC member who Apparently Signed Petition of Far-Left Library Group which Mocked Jesus Christ as a Drag Queen ***

In addition to appointing a left-wing political activist with a history of political attacks on Republicans at their June meeting, the St. Tammany Parish Council also unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Anthony Parr. The concerning thing about Mr. Parr is that apparently he signed the public petition of the far-left group, the “St. Tammany Library … Read more

*** Parish Council Appoints Left-Wing Activist with History of Political Attacks to Board of Control ***

On June 1st, 2023, the Parish Council voted 12-2 to appoint Councilwoman Martha Cazaubon’s nominee, Mr. Bill McHugh, for a 5-year term to the Library Board of Control. You can watch the video here, starting around 33 minutes in: What apparently the council didn’t know, or didn’t care about, is that Mr. McHugh is … Read more